Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0

Video Blogging

Basically, video blogging is combination of blog and video. It is blog which primarily features video instead of text. It is also known as Vlogging and vodcasting. In recent years, it has become more practical for more people to use. This is due to the development of technology. 

Now, blogging is getting easier to use because people do not really need to have technical skills such as HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or even to understand them. They can still create their own video blogging. However, we can not expect everyone to do blogging – only those who like the self-publishing process.

As technology has developed, the Internet users have had high speed broadband to access the Internet and video blogging software has become much easier to use. Therefore, now there are many online websites which provide this service “online video” to their users. Some of these are Youtube, MySpace Video, Yahoo! Video Search, MSN Video Search and Google Video Search. People are not just relying on the traditional media.

Video blogging has a big demand to grow and a huge potential to develop. “According to Hitwise, the leading online competitive intelligence service, the market share of Internet visits to the 10 leading online video sites has increased by 164 percent in the past three months (week ending May 20, 2006 versus week ending February 25, 2006).” The video search market share of the top 10 Internet video sites is as follows:

  1. YouTube 42.94%
  2. MySpace Videos 24.22%
  3. Yahoo! Video Search 9.58%
  4. MSN Video Search 9.21%
  5. Google Video Search 6.48%
  6. AOL Video 4.28%
  7. iFilm 2.28%
  8. Grouper 0.69%
  9. Dailymotion.com 0.22%
  10. vSocial.com 0.09%

Youtube is leader of the Internet video site. It is both a video viewing  site and also a social networking site. It allows its users to create their own peofiles, upload their media content (videos) and post comments on others’ works. However, can Youtube keep its on the top?


Hitwise. (2007) Youtube dominating video search category.


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