Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0

What is media convergence?

Media convergence (see figure 1.0) is more than simply a technological shift. Convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences. Convergence refers to a process, but not an endpoint (Jenkins, 2004).

A video clip explains “what media convergence is”

Figure 1.0 – Media Convergence

Shift in media ownership patterns is driving media convergence. New media conglomerates (e.g. Viacom) have interests in films, television, popular music, computer games, websites, toys, amusement park rides, books, newspapers, magazines and comics.

With this media convergence will come a new trend in consumption. The people will react. For example, a teenager may scan the web, listen to MP3 files, chat with friends, wordprocess a paper and respond with an email all at once. He will want this kind of service to continue.

Media convergence creates people’s needs which are different to previously. It pushes people to another era. New needs and wants. The development will be uneven as it is still developing now. It will vary from country to country. Rich countries will be ahead.

Business wants media convergence, because it should mean profit to the company. However, the C.E.O.s need to think how far he or she wants to go in taking a risk. He or she also needs to get other company members to believe in his idea and co-operate.

A video shows “how the media convergence work with business”

Figure 2.0 – Convergence Media Madness

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H. Jenkins. 2004.  ‘The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence’ International Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 7 (1), 33-43.


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