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Enterprise Wiki Tools

The Internet is the most famous distribution system in the world. Wiki is becoming one of the most  popular social media tools for the organization of communication.

The following is a list of the popular open-source Wiki software for collaboration in the enterprise and community.

  • MediaWiki – is the world’s most popular web-based open-sourced software. Wiki platform, a software package is written in PHP programming language and requires either a PostgreSQL or MySQL database. It was developed in 2003 and used on all projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. It can be used both internally as intranet or externally as company public wiki on the Interent.
  • TWiki – is an open-source enterprise agility and Web 2.0 platform which is the most popular wiki used behind the corporate firewall. It is written in Perl programming language. It was founded by Peter Thoeny in 1998. It can be used for both internal and external networks of an organization.
  • xWiki – is a free open-source wiki and web application platform. It is an enterprise Wiki software package licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). It was originally developed by Ludovic Dubost and was first released in January 2003. All XWiki software is developed in Java programming language and uses a relational database management system such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and HSQLDB..
  • MindTouch Core – is an enterprise-grade collaboration, wiki and mashup platform. It is built on C# using .NET/Mono/PHP.
  • PmWiki – is a web-base software wiki platform and distributed under a General Public License. It is written by university professor and Perl 6 developer Patrick R. Michaud in the PHP programming language and uses  a relational database management system like MySQL or SQLite databases for data storage.


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