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Reflection on the Process of Keeping a Weblog

From my point of view, the weblog is a new, open and flexible way of communication. It has recently become the most popular medium for communication between people. It provides an online place for people to share their interests and knowledge. In other words, the weblog can be a universal communication medium and a social virtual community (weblog community).

The weblog can be used as a vehicle on the World Wide Web (WWW). It encourages dialogues between the Internet users or the weblog users (bloggers) and connects people from all over the world. It turns the Internet into a global village. It is a virtual world similar to the real world or you could call it a “virtual reality world”.

D.I.Y. on the Internet

People have become actively D.I.Y. producers. Now, they are seeking information from the weblog, instead of from the traditional mainstream mass media such as newspapers, magazines and journals.

Weblogs can be updated regularly. Because of this, news can not be hidden any more. The weblog is maintained by interested individuals or groups. It shows the collaborative side of the Internet.

Because of the development of the Internet and software, the weblog has become easier to use. weblogs are generally published and produced by all kinds of people (This could be a single person or a group of people) and this is on any kind of topic such as political issues, games or sports.

Weblogs as a communication medium

Cited from Flew (2005), New Media, “The Internet has thus become the fastest-growing medium ever record. It is estimated that as of September 2002 there were 605.6 million Internet users worldwide, having grown from 30.6 million users in 1995, or by almost 2000% over a seven-year period (NUA 2004)”.
The Internet has grown very quickly. It also has many viewers. This means that many people will read my messages. They will be located all over the world.

Weblogs create a great medium. They are extensive/ quick/ cheap/ high tech/ and modern.

Obviously, because the Internet, the web and weblogs have become so popular so quickly, they surely will remain as a very popular means of communication. With the future development of Virtual Communities, this popularity will continue into the future.

T. Flew (2005) ‘The Internet’, in New Media. An Introduction (2nd Ed). Melbourne: OUP.

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